About Us


Our company started on January 1983 with Joffens Titt Inn in Mandal and we started to go market to Reierfossen country festival in 1984.  Later, in 1991, we changed our company's name to Rabattbussen  A/S   and in 1997 we changed to Joffen's / Ernst Terje Hoffmoen. 

We were in Finnmark from 1987 to 1996. We had a souvenir shop for tourists and sold some toys to the locals.  We were selling since then varied items like sex toys, hats, knives, balloons, stickers, candies, bikinis, jackets, shades and many more. We had been everywhere in North, South and West Norway for 34 years exactly until today, 2017.

We started selling baked potatoes 20 years ago but its big break was on 2015. Today, our company has 5 different trailers. We are going out in the market under the banner of Potetbaker Joffen with Norway's best baked potatoes as what people say.

We decided to build this online shop to reach out everyone's needs. To make it easier for everybody to shop at your most convenient time.

Enjoy shopping!


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